Tired of being dunked on? Want to be one dunking on people, not the one being dunked on?

Than keep reading...

My story

Hi! My name is Mateusz and I want to share my story with you...

Some time ago I was typical "white boy" who get dunked on regularly. 

I hated that feeling. That was not fair. I mean why some guys seem to be born jumpers, while we have to work hard for every inch.

Even worse. It seemed that dunking is not for the "white boys". 3-pointers, handles, passing - yes, but where the heck are dunks? Maybe if you didn't dunk before being 18, you won't be able to dunk at all?

Back then I used to stare at the 10 ft rim and dreaming that "some day I will dunk". 

Sounds familiar?

Than I started to train. I found some jump improvement programs. I followed them strictly, but still I was frustrated with lack of results.

No need to say I was feeling down. 

The Change

Than I had a conversation that changed my life.

I get to know with a star of our collage basketball team.

He was a great dunker (I think he had about 40 inches of vertical jump). More. He was real celebrity of our collage. Everyone knew him, he had no problems with dating girls, 

and even academic teachers treated him different.

Every single game he thrown down some crazy dunks.

And thats what is all about. No lazy lay-ups. Dunking with authority! 

One night we was hanging out, and after a few beers I asked him how he does all of this?

And than he dropped a bomb...

The Secret

He told me that a few short years ago he couldn't even touch the rim!

So how did you add that much to your vertical jump in short time?

And he showed me the program that gave him 40+ vertical jump (I contacted him lately and he said he's still improving!)

The wealth of information blew my mind! There was not only full gym workouts and plyometric exercises but lots of bonuses; like Instant Vertical Methods, that allow you to gain 3,5" in 15 minutes!!!

And the best thing was guarantee. 

Full 2 years guarantee, money back without any question. I just had to try!

The Result

Probably you wonder what are the results.

Let me tell you. 

I'm training for 6 months now. Despite having a bad injury (not connected with training) results are incredible.

I went from being one of the weakest guy in our PE group and not-being-able-to-touch-the-rim to Strong Guy. I'm recognized not only by other students but by coaches too! Coaches invite me to quit basketball and begin wrestling/tae-kwon-do/ volleyball, even wierd rowing thing!

They all want me in their team!

The Program

About the program itself:

It is called Evolution Trilogy. Go check it out yourself

(click here, open in new tab to go to official site).

In package, except for training plans, are about 50 bonuses. One of my favourites are

1)Subliminal Hops, 3rd Bonus - special audio track that changes your brainwaves from alpha to delta. That is my secret (along with Photographic Memory, 17th Bonus) for having one of the highest grades (highest possible ones at last exam session) in my collage and still having much free time (when I'm doing this site, my friends are learning :)

2) Shins of Steel- Bonus number 7. Twisted ankles made me skip so many workouts back then. I always had weak ankles (twisted right one 6 times!), but after month or so doing this short (like 15 minutes) workouts, my ankles started feeling stronger. Now they feel like bulletproof!


Since I'm part of the community now (like everyone who buy the program) they gave me a promo code.

Promo code: Mateusz

If you decide to buy a program let me know what your results are.

What is this code for? To be honest, I'll get a percentage of every sale with this promo code used.

But you know what is the best for you? 

You can do it too. On 236 page of Manual you will find answer how to earn money from your home computer selling this program. Just a few sales and you'll get back what you put in. And you can earn even more...

Tell me: can you afford NOT to take action now?

Are you ready to change your life forever?


Right click here, open in new tab.

Promo code: Mateusz

BTW: This website will be closing soon, so act when you still can!

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